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Alexander-Technique Munich

Stress Reduction

The Alexander Technique gives us more freedom of choice and confidence in our actions.

The English term "stress" means literally pressure, strain or tension. In the evolution of man, the stress response was as an increased willingness to act, specifically designed for a dangerous situation and was as such helpful. Today, the stress response has become a permanent attitude toward life. Harmless activities such as looking for a parking lot, shopping or contacting another person are perceived as a problem. We respond to the stimuli of life as if we were in constant danger. The constant tensions can be read on our bodies: tense jaw, hunched shoulders, stiffened neck, curvature of the spine and fixed knees are manifestations of this way of life.

If the tensions last for a long time, this can lead to chronic back pain, digestive disorders, impaired breathing, headaches, cardiovascular problems, depression, etc..

The Alexander Technique does not assume that life itself is a continuous emergency situation, nor does it attempt to primarily manipulate the stimuli, which offers us life. It rather changes our inapt habitual responses to stimuli. It makes us aware of the stress reactions and gives us more freedom of choice and confidence for our actions. With this, the Alexander Technique gives us resources to deal constructively with stress and to let life develop more natural.

Alexander Technique in the Equilibrium Studio