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Lessons Alexander-Technique Munich


Alexander Technique principles are taught within lessons, not therapy sessions. The Alexander Technique teacher and client are therefore in a teacher-student relationship. During the lessons, the student learns systematically the basic principles of a good physical and mental coordination. However, since many ailments and illnesses are caused by deficiencies in the coordination and direction, the Alexander Technique has often an indirectly therapeutic effect. Therefore, many people with back or joint pain, breathing difficulties, or stress symptoms seek an Alexander Technique teacher.

How does a lesson look like?

Each lesson takes about 60 minutes. Since coordination and direction are very individual phenomena, the Alexander Technique lessons are traditionally held in private sessions. Lessons in small groups are possible for example in introductory courses or in addition to private lessons.

At the beginning of the first lesson, a brief introductory discussion is common to clarify expectations, questions and course.
The principles of the Alexander Technique are trained based on everyday activities such as sit down, sit, stand up, stand, walk, bend over or reach for an object, etc.. There are no exercises. The inclusion of client's private or occupational important objects, such as musical instruments or computers, is also possible. A portion of the lesson takes place in a lying position, because the body does not have to organize the complex erection in the lying position and thus it is easier to work on tensions and foundations. The work in the lying position creates watchful idle and the basis for further studies.

The teacher supports and guides the student verbally and with his hands. The teacher gently points out where to release excess tension and how to coordinate the body so that it works better as a unit. The touch of the teacher is light in a certain way that is never experienced before by most people. There is no manipulation, pressure or hard interventions.

The teaching is aimed at ensuring that the student himself learns to experience, understand and use, or allow the basics of a natural coordination. Each lesson provides an experimental field for learning without performance thinking, diagnosis or evaluation.

How many lessons do I need and what is the price of a lesson?

Depending on the objectives and personal constitution, the answer to the question of the duration may vary. It is like learning a foreign language: Some lessons may be sufficient perhaps to learn the basics for the holidays. To be able to translate a challenging poem, you need months or years. After one or two Alexander Technique lessons, you can certainly assess better how further you want to continue. If you decide to carry on, based on our experience, 6 to 10 lessons are reasonable to become familiar with the Alexander Technique. Many students leave it at that, if the original problem (e.g. back pain) has improved by then.
Many teachers assume that after 20 to 30 lessons, the Alexander Technique principles can be applied permanently and independently in everyday life.

In any case, it is useful to take at least one lesson a week at the beginning. Then you can possibly switch to longer intervals. Many students take as many lessons in the beginning and after that only occasionally to refresh.

A lesson costs 80 € (reduced to 60 €).
You don’t have to book a bundle of lessons at any stage of the process, but you may decide after each lesson.

Alexander Technique in the Equilibrium Studio